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 Don't mess with the rules

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PostSubject: Don't mess with the rules   Sat Mar 10, 2007 4:20 pm

First of all I want to tell you guys that im lazy and don't like to make 2 whole pages of rules like alot of nerdy people do...

Basicly the rules are: -No spamming where you're not allowed to(only in random stuff>spam)
-No annoying other people(no insulting either)
-only insult in the flaming topic found in random stuff
-No begging for answers(Homework or Exams)
-Only post interesting topics
-If you are not in the class 204 please do no post anything insulting
-No unintresting conversations please(they will get deleted)(ex;http://class204.niceboard.com/Reasons-why-204-rocks-f6/Reasons-why-204-rocks-t5.htm)
-Have fun
IMPORTANT: If you do not respect the rules... well if im in a bad mood ill ban you!!
but im usually not so yea ill give warnings(not alot) lol!

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Don't mess with the rules
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